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What Are The Proper Steps In The Compensation Administration Process?

Workers compensation insurance ensures employees are protected against any damages or injuries while working. Workers are not necessarily required to prove liability to receive compensation, but it’s never that easy. While the claim process varies from state to state, workers should inform the insurer and their employer when injured, Says Tom Sharp from The Lee Legal Group. In addition, they must seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

That said, there are several steps involved in the claim process. They include:

Get Immediate Medical Attention

This is the first step to take when injured while working. Your health should be the first priority. Depending on the insurance policy, you may be required to seek treatment from a specified specialist. So ask your supervisor before taking any step. If not satisfied, then feel free to go for a second opinion. Remember a medical report is the first piece of evidence used in negotiating for a settlement. 

Notify Your Employer

There is a specific deadline within which you must inform your employer of the injuries. The earlier you do it, the better. In most states, an employee should alert the employer within a maximum of thirty days. This does not mean you should keep silence in case you discover an injury after the deadline. 

The notification should be done in writing and not verbal. You can do it verbally first then provide an official document explaining the same. Do it sooner so as not to forget any detail. Ensure you are provided with an official claim form by your employer. If not, then consider getting one you’re your local compensation board.

The form contains the following:

1. Specific date and time of the injury

2. Specific location 

3. Events leading to the injury

4. How it all happened

5. Type of injury sustained

6. Treatment provided 

Employers’ Responsibilities

It’s the responsibility of the employer to provide an insurance cover to their clients. Failure to comply attracts may attract lawsuits or fines. In addition, an employer is not allowed to retaliate on a worker who files a claim. Once you file your claim, the employer takes the hurdle to file another claim with the insurance provider. The claim is investigated and if valid, you will be notified on the amount of settlement to receive.

After the Claim

You can still follow up on your claim to find whether it has been accepted or not. If it gets approved, there you are! If not, feel free to appeal on genuine reasons. The Lee Legal Group can help you with the appeal process.

Do you want to file a workers compensation claim? Get professional help to ensure your rights are protected.

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