How Long Should It Take For A Workers Compensation Lawyer To Get Back To You?

A workers’ compensation attorney in most occasions offers the same solutions as a personal injury attorney. However, the difference between these two types of lawyers is that the former strictly focuses on workplace injuries. Here at Kentons Law Office, our workers’ compensation attorney will assist you get recompensed for medical bills, monetary losses resulted by missed work, and suffering and pain resulted by an injury triggered by your employer’s mistake or negligence. 

If you have suffered injuries while at work, our team of professional lawyers will fight to make sure you get those benefits you deserve. Call us today to get a free consultation or to learn more about how you can benefit from collaborating with our experienced workers’ compensation lawyer.

There are several scenarios that make cooperating with a workers’ compensation attorney necessary including:

A Preexisting Condition is Complicating the Matter

If you have incurred an injury on a certain area of your body which already has been confirmed to have a preexisting condition or injury, the insurance firm might use that as a method of ruling out your case. At our law firm, our lawyer can assist prove your new injury is not because of a worsening condition but due to work-related issues.

Claim Was Denied

Insurance company agents will always try to come out with tricks that are likely to make you get denied your claims. For instance, they may suggest the accident did not occur while you were at work or they may argue that the claim was not filed within the allocated time period. Whatever the reason, our skilled and experienced lawyer will navigate the appeals procedure and come out with solutions that work to your advantage.

Los Angeles Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

At Kentons Law Office, we are among the best workers’ compensation firms in Los Angeles. We are dedicated to making sure all our injured clients are compensated accordingly by fighting for their rights. Whether you were injured at work, suffered an accident, or hurt on a job location, our spectacular team of attorneys is here to assist you. Call us today and we will use our extensive experience to make sure you get the best outcomes possible. 

Handling the Paperwork Process for You

Filing the wrong information on your paperwork can make you lose the lawsuit and hence end up losing everything. Our team will handle the paperwork process involved in your case to ensure everything is filed accordingly and as required.

Round-the-Clock Solutions 

Our law specialists go above and beyond what is expected by doing everything possible to assist our clients. We offer round-the-clock solutions and our online support team is always available and ready to answer any question and offer legal advice. 

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