The Importance of a Personal Injury Attorney

No matter how hard you try to avoid them ,worst-case scenarios are always a possibility. Injury related expenses can put additional burden on an already difficult situation. No one should have to go through this, and personal injury attorneys are there to share the burden with you and help you get the compensation that you deserve.

Why Should You Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

1. Law Knowledge

The statute of limitations is a very important thing to keep track of when you want to initiate legal proceedings. This is a state-specific thing, which is why your lawyer has to have prior experience in the particular area where the accident occurred. Missing the deadline set by the statute of limitations can make it impossible to receive any compensation. Lowenthal & Lowenthal personal injury attorneys are aware of these deadlines so that you can take full advantage of your rights. Furthermore, they know just how much compensation you’re entitled to, which increases your chances of receiving the maximum amount.

2. No Pressure

Your physical health is already damaged, and the additional financial stress can negatively impact your mental health as well. Leaving the case to someone who knows what they’re doing can help take the edge off until you achieve full recovery. Bills, medical records, negotiations with insurance companies – you don’t have to deal with any of this if you decide to seek professional help. You’ll have more time for other important things, but you’ll still be kept up to date on all of the important advancements.

3. Options

Going through a traumatizing accident can significantly cloud your judgement. It can be hard to clearly see all the different options that you have and choose the best one. A lawyer can help you analyze all the different outcomes, as well as give his recommendation on how you should move forward. You might be tempted to settle for the quickest solution, even though it’s often not the most optimal one.

Contingency Fees

Charging you for a lost case is unethical and something that should never occur. Lowenthal & Lowenthal law firm has a unique attorney-client relationship that’s based on a contingency fee. Unless you come out on top, you won’t have to pay a dime. There are certain unavoidable legal fees, but they’re negligible when looking at the bigger picture. Schedule a personal appointment with one of the attorneys today and introduce them to your situation to get an idea of how likely you are to receive the deserved settlement.