Where to Find Name Brand Replacement Parts

Sooner or later, something is bound to go wrong with most high-use items. Since the automobile or car in question is valuable to you and fills an important need, it stands to reason that you want to fix it in the best way possible. That brings up the inevitable question: What are the best parts for the job, and where can you find them?


No discussion of this issue is complete without first understanding the differences between generic and name brand parts. Regardless of the appliance or vehicle in question, the general principle remains the same.

As the name suggests, generic replacement parts have no brand name attached to them. They are available here, there and everywhere and are often lower in price. In many cases, they are mass-produced and may not be precisely the same as what was originally used. In other words, generics are usually cheaper and may not be quite as good, but you don’t need to order them specially.

By contrast, name brand replacement parts, also known as original equipment manufacturer, are specifically designed by the company that made your car or appliance. They are what was used when your item was first made, and should you get it repaired by an official dealer, these parts will also be what is used in returning your car or appliance to like-new quality. If your item is still under warranty, most agreements require that you use dealer-approved components or risk voiding the contract. It probably comes as no surprise that the privilege of using these premium components comes at a cost that you feel directly in the area of your wallet.


Assuming that your automobile or appliance is new enough and valuable enough to warrant the use of brand name replacement parts, your next logical question is how to go about finding them. For most people, their first stop is the dealer from whom they purchased the item since replacement parts are usually either available here or can be ordered. Even if neither of these is the case, your dealer can refer you to another authorized agent.

Let’s say, however, that you cannot get in touch with that retailer for whatever reason. Perhaps they went out of business, or maybe you have moved to another city. In either of these scenarios, your best bet is to do an online search for authorized dealers of your particular item located in your area. A simple phone call or email message should provide you with all of the answers you require, but you may need to either schedule a visit from or to a repair professional. To expedite the process, it can sometimes help if you have the specific model or serial number of the part in question.


When an item that you rely on suddenly needs to be repaired, it can upset your entire routine. While there is no way to totally eliminate the distress that comes from the effects of downtime without the use of your car or appliance, fixing it with brand name parts can save you time and frustration in the long run. Ultimately, a little discomfort in the pocketbook now can lead to a fix-it job that you can count on for much longer.